Our Value

At Plus Profits Investments, our values are our guiding light. They drive how we work together and how we show up for our community, and they shape what we aspire to be. They influence our business decisions and how we ultimately serve our customers.

Plus Profits Investments

Whether selling, buying, renting, or financing, Plus Profits Investments customers can get into their next home or project with speed, certainty, and ease.

We live in an always-ongoing world, and we believe the challenges of moving should not get in the way of moving forward. That’s why we’re on a mission to give people a more simple, more seamless way to buy, sell and rent a new home.

Plus Profits Investments Story

We saw a need, so we filled the need. Real estate technology was woefully behind the times, requiring companies to lose productivity and juggle multiple disconnected systems. We stepped in to fill the void and built the ultimate fully integrated platform from the ground up. How did we know what to build? We worked closely with the best real estate professionals to understand exactly what a company needs for generating and tracking leads, targeting automated communications, nurturing buyers and sellers through our funnels... and then we delivered. And we keep delivering. Every month Plus Profits Investment engineers provide new features and integrations that are in high demand, for an ever-evolving next-gen real estate operating system that's easy to use and second to none. We own our softwares and tools so your information is solely with us and is 100% safe.

Plus Profits Investments

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